KG Traduction inc. translates all kinds of documents,

whether they be resumés, cover letters, websites, monthly publications, instruction manuals, annual reports or other.

Our strong team of multi-lingual collaborators work extremely hard to retain the meaning of a text, without misrepresenting it. Before beginning a translation, a translator speaks with you directly to identify your expectations. When the translation is finished, it is revised by a copyeditor to ensure linguistic consistency.


Don’t let a typo or spelling error affect your reputation.

A careful rereading can make all the difference! Whether you’re an individual or a company, the copyeditors at KG Traduction inc. can fine-tune all your documents. From one paragraph to dozens of pages, our copyeditors read your document carefully to be sure it is free of errors. Like translators, copyeditors always work in their mother tongue, as each language has its own idiosyncrasies.

Karine Grenier, holder of a Certificate in Translation from McGill University, founded KG Traduction inc. in 2004. Since then, the company has come to stand out thanks to its efficient, professional and customized service. A bona fide reference in translation and editing in Canada, KG Traduction inc. is proud to serve its loyal clients from across the country, including Jefo Nutrition inc., Cavalia, and the Canadian Centre for Ethics

in Sport, the National Association of Federal Retirees, and the Université du Québec

à Montréal.

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